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The health of our Guests and our staff are the priorities that guide our daily decisions. This protocol has been drawn up on the basis of currently available knowledge about the transmission and spread of Covid- 19 disease, which is why we have adapted to the regulations of the PUGLIA region and have taken tailor-made measures based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to guarantee you a holiday away from worries and fears. On our website you will always find the details of the actions we will take in accordance with the internal safety protocol, which will be updated and lightened according to developments in the current health situation that we are constantly monitoring.

We will provide all the spaces, both indoor and outdoor, allowing the distance from other guests without giving up the services offered. It will be possible to use all our services, which will be carried out without losing sight of the security measures necessary to make you live unforgettable moments. Our staff, who will undergo daily temperature measurement before entering service, will be adequately and specifically trained and promptly updated in order to always guarantee knowledge and respect of safety protocols.

• Not usable by foreign citizens;

• All our staff will wear the mask;
• We would provide adequate information with the availability of dispensers with hydro-alcoholic solution in stores and areas with particular influx such as reception, bathrooms, bar, restaurant/pizzeria, swimming pools;
• In addition, the litter bin equipped with a pedal to properly dispose of PPE will be available in more influx points;
• In the interests of greater safety, we will provide targeted information and training on preventive measures for staff involved in handling, preparing and administering food and drink;

• We will ask guests to provide us with their own e-mail address where, before arrival, they will have to register all the members who will stay in the same apartment, the same at check-in they will have to give us the documents in order to verify that the data entered are correct;
• Before arriving at the facility the customer must inform us of any food allergies and / or intolerances, any billing information (in case you need an invoice);
• In case of multiple bookings (groups, family groups, etc..) we will need for each apartment an e-mail address, where before arrival we require the registration of all members, during check-in will be the group leader or the head of the family to collect all documents so the Front Office staff will verify that all data are correct;
• The Personnel may subject guests to the measurement of body temperature the arrival day, in any case, the guest will be required to promptly declare if, even after the entrance, there are dangerous conditions (flu symptoms, onset of fever, etc.);
• We favour electronic payment methods;
• The cashier's station will be equipped with a protective screen;
• In each apartment on your arrival you will find information on which products are used for disinfection. and sanitizing your apartment;
• In order to guarantee the cleaning and sanitation of the apartment we ask you to respect the delivery time from 16.00;
• We ask to respect the check-out time before 10:00 a.m., to allow our staff all the necessary cleaning - disinfection and sanitization procedures;
• Guests can safely keep the key to the apartment for the entire stay by handing it over. fully checked out;

• Regular natural ventilation with cleanliness and efficient sanitization with certified equipment for apartments, bar, restaurant/pizzeria, minimarket, common bathrooms of the village, swimming pools and contact points;
• The floors of the common areas are washed and disinfected with certified products with medical and surgical supervision suitable for the different types of materials, and in any case with a frequency appropriate to the crowding of the same during the day;

• The disinfection will be carried out with specific disinfectant products and with the use of a machine that will emit dry steam at 180°, the sanitization will include a series of fundamental phases such as cleaning, cleaning and disinfection even with the use of products with medical and surgical supervision;

• For each apartment will be used cleaning material (cloths, wipes and everything necessary for cleaning and dusting) disposable or microfiber cloth previously treated with a solution of sodium hypochlorite 2% or other treatment of equal effectiveness;
• According to the provisions provided, the air conditioner can be used with dehumidifier mode, cold air (ice symbol) and hot air (sun symbol) is prohibited the use of the command "automatic recycling";
• The use of the dishes involves for the guests their washing, using the standard procedures: washing, disinfection, rinsing and drying, this procedure is done at each change of guests, but we recommend, at your expense, the use of disposable plates, glasses and cutlery
• The bed linen is disinfected and sanitized by professional laundry GOBBO & DI LECCE;
• During the stay the staff will not be able to enter the accommodation unit, in case of maintenance work it will be necessary to establish a schedule where the staff will find a family member to perform the required intervention;

• The playground, unmanned and opens at fixed times, will be open, with a limit of children accompanied by parents, sanitization will be guaranteed at the end of each day or in the morning;

• Individual sports that usually take place in the pool or water (aquagym) can be regularly practiced, in accordance with the 2-metre interpersonal distance measures.
• Contact sports, such as group sports and play activities (e.g. soccer), will not be organized by the animation team but organized by customers individually. It remains activity the assistance of the animation on the availability of times for possible use;
Please note that the service may stop if the epidemiological curve has worsening variations;

• The daytime and afternoon activities, leisure and entertainment will be guaranteed in small groups, in spaces and at fixed times so as to allow for distance.
The activities will be carried out in the morning on the beach and in the afternoon in the pool “Il Carrubo”, according to the influx of customers, the Sunrise Team Animation, could remodel the spaces with the use of the pool “Il Carrubo” in the morning and in the afternoon also with the use of the pool “Le Palme”;

• The activities, daytime and afternoon, are carried out outdoors', will be guaranteed in small groups with the support of a parent, in spaces and at fixed times so as to allow the distance.
• Sanitization of games and materials will be guaranteed for each program;

• The Evening Show will assume an alternative and different profile but will be allowed to use the "Amphitheatre" at the open as we've grown accustomed to over the years together.
Obstacle to the programming we are used to is the impossibility for “actors and workers” to respect the rules on
social distancing as imposed.
In any case, the Sunrise Team Animation scheduled for this year, will propose every night a format of entertainment aimed at avoiding gatherings of people not belonging to the same household.
• Musical/dancing entertainment for adults and children will be permitted provided that distance is respected;

Both the pool “Le Palme” and the new one pool “Il Carrubo”, inaugurated in 2019, will be open as usual.
Chlorine prevents the virus from surviving and spreading into the water.
Nevertheless, here too the safety distance must be respected, and for this reason, lifeguards and our staff will be even more
vigilant for everyone’s health!
• Before the opening of the pool, the suitability of the water for bathing will be confirmed following the chemical and microbiological analysis of the parameters carried out by a special laboratory. The laboratory analyses will be repeated throughout the entire period of opening of the pool to the public on a monthly basis, unless necessary.
• In order to ensure a level of protection, the effectiveness of the water treatment chain will be guaranteed, the limits set by law will be strictly insured in the presence of bathers. The frequency of on-the-spot checks of the parameters will be no less than two hours and in case of non-compliance all corrective measures will be promptly taken;
• The solarium area has mixed areas, i.e. sunbeds, sunbeds shaded by gazebos, sunbeds shaded by parasols; the area with only sunbeds and sunbeds shaded by gazebos will be spaced 1.5 meters apart, while the two sunbeds shaded by the parasol will respect the distance to guarantee a surface area of 10m2;
• As usual, it will be obligatory to respect the rules of hygienic safety in swimming pool water, that is, before entering the water it will be necessary to provide an accurate shower on the whole body and the use of the cap remains mandatory;
• It will be absolutely forbidden to spit, urinate in water. Very young children will have to wear diapers and parents/guardians will have to take care to supervise them for the respect of the distance and the hygienic- behavioral rules compatible with their degree of autonomy and their age.
• The cleaning and disinfection of common areas, showers, toilets, equipment (deckchairs, chairs, sunbeds, including floating equipment, nautical equipment [canoe, paddleboat] etc.) will be guaranteed. In any case, sanitization will be guaranteed at the end of every day or before the morning opening.
• The staff will be provided with appropriate PPE and will be obliged to adopt PPE in case of close contact withbathers.

Despite the restrictions and measures required at this particular time, you will not have to give up the pleasure of swimming in the waters of our sea! You can always enjoy our beach but with a few tricks:
• A distance between the umbrellas will be ensured to guarantee a surface area of 10m2 required for each umbrella and we will assign the same umbrella for the entire duration of the stay (from the day of arrival until the day before departure).
• It will be provided for the accompaniment to the parasol by staff of the establishment who will explain to customers the preventive measures to be observed.
• The bathing activity must respect the rules on social distancing without ever derogating from the permitted distances except for members of the same family or cohabitants.
• The outdoor shower access area must be accessed one at a time;
• The cleaning and disinfection of common areas, showers, toilets, equipment (deckchairs, chairs, sunbeds, including floating equipment, nautical equipment [canoe, paddleboat] etc.) will be guaranteed. In any case, sanitization will be guaranteed at the end of every day or before the morning opening.

• Given the restrictions of distance between the umbrellas, will be verified on site the availability of access in a small area reserved for those who access with pets. You will not be able to access either the pool or the restaurant with them;

• We will allow consumption at the counter only if the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between customers can be guaranteed, alternatively table service is available;
• At the counter will be displayed the menu with the possible consumptions, also a portable menu will be available for the tables that will be disinfected and sanitized at each use;
• The cashier's station will be equipped with a protective screen;

• The restaurant service will work with table service after order to the room manager, the service will be exclusively at the table (no buffet will be present);
• One of our advantages is to have an outdoor area for lunch and dinner, you can eat quietly both in the outdoor and indoor area, respecting the distances of one meter from chair to chair and each table will be occupied by a family, also there may be the need to create shifts if requests exceed the available seats;
• Cleaning and disinfection, at the end of each table service, of surfaces that have not been covered with tablecloths (disposable or to be replaced at each service);
• The "Take Away" service is available, you must go to the restaurant by 12:00 (for lunch) or by 18:30 (for dinner) to inform the staff of your order with your preferred time;
• Customers will have to wear the mask whenever you're not sitting at the table;
• The cashier's station will be equipped with a protective screen;

• It will be obligatory to access with how many disposables that we will provide directly at the entrance, mandatory use mask;
• We will provide for a maximum number of guests who will be able to stay inside the premises at the same time in order to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter;
• The cashier's station will be equipped with a protective screen;

Certain of the collaboration of all customers, we promise you that, also thanks to your availability, we will spend a beautiful, fun and carefree summer. We are waiting for you!

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Information updated at 11/03/2021
The above may be subject to variations according to the directives of Puglia Region

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